Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain

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Are you looking for lightweight luggage for your trip to Spain?

Whether packing for Spain in summer, autumn or spring you will want to bring the essentials and not overpack. If you will be traveling around Spain to several cities it will be easier to carry lightweight luggage, especially if you will be toting it over cobblestone streets in Cordoba, up hills or stairs in Granada and on and off trains and buses from Madrid to Sevilla.

If you will be using low cost carriers to travel around Europe be sure to carefully check their carry on luggage rules. Most have strict size and weight rules for what you can bring for free.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Wheeled Spinner Bags

This American Tourister Belle bag has a fabulous pattern that will stand out from the crowd of plain black suitcases. I love the rose gold accents too.The 23.5″ outside height it is a bit larger than most carry on luggage requirements but might fit on larger overseas airlines. It also comes in other sizes for a matching set.

This Samsonite Eco-Glide suitcase is made from 100% recycled fabric! How great is that? It comes in various sizes but the 20″ would be great as a carry on bag. Another ingenious addition is the easy access top pocket that is perfect for storing your bag of liquids or things you need to quickly grab like your cell phone or passport. Check out more details here.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Wheeled Spinner Bags

This combination bag from eBags is a great compromise between soft and hardshell luggage. One side has a hard plastic shell to protect your belongings, while the other side is fabric with zippers for easy access to your items. The bag is lightweight and has rubber spinner wheels. Check out the other colors here.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Wheeled Spinner Bags

The hard shelled eBags Fortis 22″ is made of durable Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate, and has sturdy spinner wheels. The carry on sized bag will fit your things to pack for Spain and also has a built in combination lock. It comes in several colors, I like the mirrored silver. Check prices and read reviews here.

I love the rose gold color of this 21″ American Tourister bag. It is lightweight and should fit in the overhead compartments for most regular airlines like United and American. It comes in several colors and I really like the rose gold and this popsicle pattern. The bag also expands 1.5″ to fit more stuff on the way home.  Check here for more colors and patterns.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Rolling Suitcase

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Rolling Suitcase

If you’re looking for a compact bag that will satisfy the requirements of the low cost carriers then take a look at this underseat rolling bag by Steve Madden. It comes in this cool pattern and is great on it’s own for light packers or buy the matching set and check the other bag. Read reviews here.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Rolling Suitcase

Travelpro Maxlite 22″ is an excellent choice if you prefer to pack on the lighter side but the bag is slightly larger than the typical carry on dimensions, so it is great if you don’t mind checking your bag or will be traveling by train. This luggage has inline wheels which tend to be longer lasting than spinner wheels – which is something to consider regarding Spain’s cobblestone streets. It comes in a variety of colors. I like this gray as it is understated but is not typical black.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Rolling Suitcase

Made of 100% recycled fabric, the Samsonite Eco-Glide 20″ is mentioned above. It also comes in a smaller underseat suitcase with in-line wheels. This bag has a roomy main compartment and a special laptop sleeve. Get more details here. 


Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Backpacks

Why take a backpack to Spain? Maybe you simply prefer carrying your belongings on your back rather than dragging them along on wheels. But one of the top reasons is if you plan to walk over rough terrain with your bags. Cobblestone streets can be rough on rolling suitcases and some towns have a lot of stairs as well. A backpack can make things a lot easier.

Speaking of cobblestones, hills and stairs – take a look at some of our favorite shoes and sandals to pack for Spain.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Backpacks

Let’s start out with a fantastic backpack that is great for short trips or those who like to pack light. The Osprey Sirrus 36 is the ideal size to qualify as a carry on item for even tight size restrictions and is comfortable to carry for longer distances. The pack has a mesh panel to keep you from getting sweaty too. Read reviews of the pack here.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Backpacks

The Osprey Fairview 40 is a woman-specific backpack that is popular with travelers and is ideal when packing for Spain. The bag is constructed to meet most airline carry-on requirements and the straps can be stowed away within a zippered panel for storage or check in. The backpack has full suspension with a mesh back panel and padded harness and hipbelt.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is the men’s version of the same pack and the small size means it fits the carry on luggage requirements for nearly every airline. The roomy 40L interior makes it possible to pack all your necessary gear, and the pack is designed to handle loads up to 40 pounds. Note that it comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L, the large being meant for those over 5’9″ tall.

Both the Fairview and Farpoint are wearable for both males and females, and either may be more comfortable depending on your specific measurements like taller stature or a long or short torso.

If you are looking for a larger capacity backpack to fit everything on your Spain packing list take a look at the Osprey Porter 46. The bag opens flat for easy access to your belongings and has a stowaway mesh harness and waist belt to make it easy to carry the bag. The Osprey Porter has extendable straps that allows the attachment of their smaller daypack, the Daylight. It holds all of your daily necessities is designed to attach to Osprey’s larger packs or use it on its own for exploring the town or going on a hike.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Backpacks

Your can attach the Daylight to the Farpoint or Porter backpacks for ease of transport when traveling.

Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: Backpacks

The eBags Mother Lode backpack is like a soft sided suitcase that you can carry on your back. It fully unzips flat for ease of packing and access to your things. The sleek design means there aren’t a lot of straps and buckles to get caught on things, making it great for travel on planes, buses and trains. Tuck the straps away and you can carry it as a suitcase or even check it as luggage due to the various carrying straps.

The eBags Mother Lode will hold about 40 liters, perfect for short trips or those who are great at traveling light. There is a sleeve for your laptop or tablet in the back panel.

You can find it on Amazon or on the eBags website.

I hope you found the perfect bag to fit all of your travel essentials for Spain. Be sure to take a look at our packing list for Spain in summer too!


Lightweight Luggage to Take to Spain: packing tips for a trip to Spain