Morocco Culinary Tours

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Spain’s neighbor to the south has plenty to offer a visitor. Delicious food is one of them.

Would you like to visit Morocco and discover the rich culinary traditions of this fascinating country? Have you tasted b’stilla, tagines, harira and kaab el ghzal? Perhaps you’d like to learn to cook couscous as well?

Here are a selection of food tours in Morocco to consider. Some are full week long culinary tours while others are just a few hours exploring the local markets and sampling dishes.

Morocco Culinary Tours: Discover Moroccan Food, Market & Cooking Tours

Morocco Food Tours

On these day tours you will learn about Moroccan culture and get a local perspective while tasting delicious foods. Some of them even include cooking lessons too.

Morocco Culinary Tours: Discover Moroccan Food, Market & Cooking Tours - tagine

Culinary Holidays in Morocco

Intrepid Travel Morocco Tours

Intrepid Travel offers 9-day Moroccan adventures exploring the foods of the country. The trip begins in Casablanca and ends in Marrakech, and includes visits to wineries, olive farms and cooking demonstrations. The price is around $1300 per person which includes accommodation, transport and many meals.

What we like about this tour: the price is quite reasonable for single travelers, with the single supplement of only $200 for your own room. Intrepid also offers some tours especially for solo travelers which can be a nice change of pace.

Access Trips Culinary Tour

Access Trips offers cooking and culinary tours of Morocco. On these trips you will cook several meals as a group with the help of local chefs. The tour also visits markets, villages, beaches and historical sites. This culinary tour also starts in Casablanca and ends in Marrakech. The 9-day trip costs about $3000 per person with a single supplement of $875.

What we like about this tour: this trip is packed with sightseeing opportunities, and the added bonus of learning to cook Moroccan dishes yourself! If you are looking for cooking classes in Morocco definitely check out this tour.

Morocco Culinary Tours: Discover Moroccan Food, Market & Cooking Tours - spices

Cooking Classes in Morocco

Moroccan dishes are influenced by Berber, Jewish, Arab, and French cultures. Take a cooking class in Morocco to learn about how this rich cultural heritage can be found in the food traditions.

Amal Women’s Training Center offers very special cooking and baking classes in Marrakech. The women working and training at Amal are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are learning skills to help them find employment in the restaurant industry.

l’Atelier Madada offers cooking courses in Essaouira. Prepare a full meal or learn to make delicate Moroccan pastries.

Learn to cook in a celebrated Moroccan riad famous for their restaurant! At Restaurant Riad Monceau Marrakech you can take cookery classes in the morning or afternoon and learn to prepare tagine or pastries.

Prepare an authentic Moroccan tagine with an expert chef after shopping for herbs and spices at a local souk with Urban Adventures Europe.

Combine your cooking class with a trip to a spa! At Faim d’Epices in Marrakech you can cook all day and relax at a spa all evening.

Learn to prepare Moroccan cuisine with traditional recipes using small clay coal ovens at Riyad El Cadi in Marrakech.

Take an all day class at House of Fusion Marrakech, and prepare 8 dishes using fresh herbs and vegetables from the local souk.

Shop for ingredients at the market then prepare a meal together at Essaouira Taste.

Dar Les Cigognes is a lovely riad which offers customized private cooking classes to guests and visitors. Learn to bake bread in a brick oven, prepare delicate pastries or whatever you choose!

Morocco Culinary Tours: Discover Moroccan Food, Market & Cooking Tours - olives

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Morocco Culinary Tours: Discover Moroccan Food, Market & Cooking Tours